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Hello and welcome to the Peak Experience podcast, I’m one of the co-hosts, Michele Forto, and I’d like to say thank you for tuning into Wellness Wednesday. Each week we will drop an episode of Wellness Wednesday to offer you insights, information, challenges, and help you stay on track to incorporating wellness into your daily life both personally and professionally, but, before we dive into this week’s episode, I would like to thank those of you who make this podcast possible week after week. This podcast is free to download and will remain that way due in large part because of the support we get from you. For those top supporters we will give a shout out right here at the top of the show. If you want to pledge your support all you must do is visit patreon.com/firstpawmedia but there are other ways to support our show as well. Wellness Wednesday is part of Peak Experience. Peak Experience is a company that strives to bring out the best in you and your teams as well as your organization. This podcast has been created to spark your interest and to get you thinking outside the box. Let us help you Reach your Peak!

What if you could listen to a quick podcast and it gave you a tip each week to help you create more wellness and balance in your life personally and professionally. I am not talking about wishy-washy essential oils crap, but real, actionable steps that you can take. Would you do it? Let’s find out, shall we…

Hello and welcome to Wellness Wednesday on Peak Experience. I am your host, Michele Forto. Every Wednesday I will bring you information, trending topics in wellness, and something for you to work on every week to assist you in reaching your optimal wellness.

This week we are on List 5 of 52 for our theme; courage, resilience, and inner strength which are all a part of bravery. We are learning how to apply bravery to developing our routines, opening our minds and creating new ways of seeing not only ourselves but others around us as well. Congratulations you made an entire month! Thank you for sticking with me thus far. If you missed the first 4 lists, go back and give a listen to catch up.

This podcast series has been inspired by Moorea Seal. Thank you for the inspiration, encouragement and opportunity to help others spread their wings.

Unlock courage, self-love, and confidence through the empowering practice of list making. Dream the life you want into existence, dedicate yourself to pursuing it, and discovery your own resilience as you work with me to create 52 lists all designed around bravery.

There are many benefits using bravery and courage to overcome situations and issues when dealing with certain people. Being courageous helps you develop and build your self-confidence. But how do we muster up courage when fear binds us up and prevents us from moving forward or, in some situations, even being able to breathe?

This is week 5/List 5

This week the focus is on listing the ways you want to grow and improve as a person emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.

Remember this process should only take you about 15 to 30 minutes. The exercise is not meant to tie you up or distract you. It is meant to become part of your everyday routine, a reflection if done at the end of the day, or an inspiration on what to work on if it’s at the beginning of the day.  I encourage you to try both and see what transpires. I completed this exercise myself as I will be on this journey with you, and I will be sharing my answers with you. I am open and available for discussion, you can DM on my socials.

Let’s press pause for a moment and think about what parts of our lives receive the most focus and what parts are pushed aside for any excuse from lack of time and energy to lack of interest.  When we are close-minded, we prevent ourselves from growth, change, and opportunity. But I need to give you some praise, you are here, you are present, and you are participating in this process to help you grow and change and experience the next chapter of learning with tools that will help you reach your PEAK!


Now I will ask you to do this week’s task. Get a journal, nothing fancy, use an actual pen and paper. The act of writing physically is a cathartic process and will help you break down those barriers. For List 5, list the ways you want to grow and improve as a person; emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.

I shared with you previously that speaking about myself is very difficult, well, discussing my personal growth or lack thereof is just as tricky. However for me, there is something that I have wanted to learn, Tai Chi. The practice of Tai Chi involves all the elements of this week’s list. Sadly, there are no classes taught near me and learning from YouTube, while convenient, does not allow someone to gain insightful guidance. But it does afford for a starting point.

Specifically, for me for me to reach my own personal goal and focus on my physical and emotional health I will take steps this week to begin learning Tai Chi. To me this exercise embodies our mind, body, and spirit. Allowing focus and purpose to spur a greater understanding through learning opportunities.

Take Action

There is a difference between aspiring to be something and actually expecting yourself to be something. Now is the time to be truthful about the expectations you set for yourself. Choose one thing from this list and put a star next to it, marking it as the one thing you expect yourself to become better at this year.

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I am Michele Forto for the Peak Experience Podcast and First Paw Media. See you next time.


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