Team Development

Team Development training offered by Peak Experience is ideal for management and staff training where you are teamed with experienced, accredited trained facilitators.

Delivered Hybridly, Virtually or Face-to-Face by team management development professionals

Team Development Peak Experience

Work toward a clear vision utlizing the powerful proven experiential learning activities.

Working smarter and training your staff, sales team, managers and leaders to accomplish much more.

Providing critical information for your employees and business teams. Aligning their purpose. Achieving more effective, high performing collaborative teamwork.

Peak Experience will facilitate your team development workshops using valid and reliable tools by engaging staff, employees and corporate groups future success.

Delivered Virtually or Face to Face Workshops for Teams to Communicate More Effectively and Manage Conflict Resolution Led by Skilled Facilitators

A well developed team is capable of coping with change, whilst uniting their strengths.

Accomplish business missions, project planning or developing new campaigns to grow the business.

The tools Peak Experience provide in engaging, as well as improving your team, are based upon utilizing:

  • competent experienced facilitators that communicate clearly and lead by example.
  • activities are sequential, moderately paced
  • challenging concepts integrated keeping your staff engaged to obtain value from the experience
  • real discussion and interactions that are meaningful in understanding experiential learning
  • learning modules backed with hands on fun training exercises and activities putting theory into practice 
  • transferable to achieve your organizational and business goals

Understand How Experiential Learning Can Help Achieve Business Goals and Team Performance Practically

Peak Experience facilitators create specific team development activities designed to align with your business vales and achieve excellent results. 

Team Development is a critical area of focus. To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your team in working on successful team projects.  

Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a Team Building Model of Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing and Reforming processes. 

Let’s build the fundamental people skills.

Training staff to utilize their inherent skills.

Focusing on positive supportive team culture and improved organizational behaviors.

We encourage your HR team being involved in the learning processes.

Business, organizational, and leadership training should be experiential and simulation based.

With valid examples directly related to your specific business issues.

Training is most effective when your people complete the needs assessment and the Meyers Briggs Questionnaire prior to our facilitators meeting and leading your team.

Your business benefits from engaging in a meaningful, practical learning process.

That is specifically designed to meet targeted objectives. This analysis will provide the foundation for excellent training results.

Develop effective Team Work Solutions by Understanding Your Communication Style and Work Preferences.

Utilize the full potential of Myers Briggs Tools with Business Staff Training in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. 

Utilize reliable and valid Myers Briggs and experiential learning training tools that are proven successful with validity worldwide. 

These tools will help your team easily understand and identify their own unique MBTI type, their characteristics and behaviors.

Peak Experience team building facilitators deliver a range of team development tools. 

Our skills are in interpreting the team and personality profiling tools in common language.

Then pairing experiential activities to get your teams practicing the right skills set.

Creating efficient learning.

Improving the communication and collaboration in teams.

We assist in identifying what their employee role is and ‘getting’ where they fit to accomplish the bigger picture. 

Team Development programs in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon with face to face staff training

  • Suitable for: All business and corporate teams looking to Improve: Communication, Organizational Culture, Employee Training, Workshops, and more.
  • Venues: Facilitators come to all Conference and Meeting Venues in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon or we can arrange a program at our location in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. 
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