Robert Forto

Robert Forto Peak Experience

Lead Dog

Lives with a pack of sled dogs in the wilds of Alaska, bourbon curator, coaster geek, sports nut, mid-life college student.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since I was seven years-old when I managed a team of neighborhood kids to start a paper route empire. In middle school I was teaching break-dancing lessons in the garage and formed a band in college, who played in music festivals and rubbed elbows with rock stars bigger than me. 

I went to college intending to be a veterinarian but wanted to be outside so I became a certified dog trainer and started my dog training business with three things: A business card, a leash, and a smile. I still operate that business today and it has become a six-figure business.

When I am not covered in dog hair, I host too many podcasts, teach clients like you to be their best, operate a fledgling coffee business and spend too much time thinking about sports, which I will get back to in just a sec. 

In 2014, I returned to college at 44-years old for a second B.S. degree on a dare from my daughter. I later graduated with a degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation with an emphasis on outdoor leadership. This was the launch pad for this business, Peak Experience and Dreamchaser Leadership. 

I started grad school in 2018 and graduated with a degree in Sports Management/Outdoor Adventure Sport. In 2020 I enrolled in a doctorate of strategic leadership program and I am just getting started on my dissertation project (as of January 2022). I will have yet another very expensive piece of paper to hang on the wall soon. 

My research interests are experiential learning, expedition leadership in a corporate environment, and strategic management of small, family-run firms who strive for trans-generational succession.

Here at Peak Experience I will use my lifetime of skills and experience to help you reach your goals, bring clarity to your vision and crush your objectives, individually, within your business or organization. I am a certified facilitator and can tailor unique and engaging programs for 1 to 100 participants. 

Let’s get to work, together!