Nicole Forto

Nicole Forto Peak Experience

Vibes Manager

Dog wrangler, seasoned outdoor adventurer, avid horror and true crime fan, with a passion to simply help people have better lives and relationships.

A multi-talented professional young business woman, with a history in operating a long time family dog training business and providing coaching within a treatment center setting as a counselor for teens with dependency issues. Not only am I the secretary for Dreamchaser Leadership, I am a Pro Trainer for Dog Works Training Co. I have a knack for coaching people in a way that they can easily relate to whether that is teaching you better communication or new problem solving skills. 

I have run sled dogs through thousands of miles of Alaska wilderness, taught students older and younger than me the ins and outs of a dog team as well as the importance of  trusting your own instincts and to build trust in other members. 

In all my experience I have learned along the way that the greatest success comes from the road you take. Success is earned and achieved and I am here to help you acquire the confidence in yourself to reach any of your team’s goals.