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Hello and welcome to the Peak Experience podcast, I’m one of the co-hosts, Michele Forto, and I’d like to thank you for tuning into Wellness Wednesday. Each week we will drop an episode of Wellness Wednesday to offer you insights, information, and challenges, and help you stay on track to incorporating wellness into your daily life both personally and professionally, but before we dive into this week’s episode, I would like to thank those of you who make this podcast possible week after week. This podcast is free to download and will remain that way due in large part because of the support we get from you. For those top supporters, we will give a shout-out right here at the top of the show. If you want to pledge your support all you must do is visit patreon.com/firstpawmedia but there are other ways to support our show as well. Wellness Wednesday is part of Peak Experience. Peak Experience is a company that strives to bring out the best in you, your teams, and your organization. This podcast has been created to spark your interest and to get you thinking outside the box. Let us help you Reach your Peak!

What if you could listen to a quick podcast it gave you a tip each week to help you create more wellness and balance in your life, personally and professionally? I am not talking about wishy-washy essential oils crap, but real, actionable steps that you can take. Would you do it? Let’s find out, shall we…

Hello and welcome to Wellness Wednesday on Peak Experience. I am your host, Michele Forto. Every Wednesday, I will bring you information, trending topics in wellness, and something to work on every week to assist you in reaching your optimal wellness.

We begin 2023 with a learning process that will help you in developing a routine, open your mind, and create new ways of seeing not only yourself but others around you as well.  Simply focus on your inner thoughts by taking 15 to 30 minutes a week. We will be following a theme. Courage, resilience, and inner strength are all a part of bravery. In the first section or the first 13 weeks, we will be focusing on bravery but in the context of Dream. The following 13 weeks will be under the context of Dedicate, Step Up, and finally, we will finish the year with Rise Up.

This podcast series has been inspired by Moorea Seal, and we thank her for her inspiration, encouragement, and opportunity to help others spread their wings.

Everyone has a starting point, a challenge that must be faced to wake up the warrior within. What is your challenge? What is it that you want to be brave for? Whether there is an external force outside of you that requires bravery or not, there are things you’ve known you need to change but haven’t had the guts to tackle…yet.

All of us face challenges in our daily lives, some are small, and some are bigger than we could have ever imagined and seem heavy and impossible to carry. Know this, you are not alone, every person has had these feelings at one point in their lives or will feel this way at some point. Permit yourself to feel every part of the challenge, take the opportunity to dream about it, take it apart, and think of different outcomes. Then allow yourself to plan, take action steps, and even fail because for every failure we learn, and getting back up is part of the process.  Let go of what’s holding you back, expand those boundaries and recognize that letting go of unhealthy toxic thinking can sometimes mean letting go of certain relationships but it can also mean recognizing that the one in the mirror may be putting up roadblocks and barriers based on fear of the unknown.  You are strong enough, and your source of bravery already lives within you. Let’s uncover it by dreaming big.

This is week 1/List 1

List the words you associate with bravery. It could be one word or one hundred words, that is up to you.

Recall I asked you to devote 15 to 30 minutes a week to your list. I completed this exercise myself as I will be on this journey with you, and I will be sharing my answers with you. I am open and available for discussion, you can DM me on my socials.

Words that I associate with bravery are:

  1. Courage
  2. Fortitude
  3. Valor
  4. Gallantry
  5. Fearlessness
  6. Brazen
  7. Undeterred
  8. Audacious
  9. Resolute
  10. Adventurous

I would never describe myself as brave, although I have been told by both people that know me well and people who only know me through social media that I am brave. It is difficult to hear, but as I have entered my 5th decade of life, I have noticed that I am becoming more resolute, brazen, adventurous, and undeterred and that I find myself leading with fortitude and courage in my everyday life.


Now I will ask you to do this week’s task. Get a journal, nothing fancy, and use an actual pen and paper. The act of writing physically is a cathartic process and will help you break down those barriers. Jot down the words you associate with bravery.

Then take time each day this week to think about those words. Ask. What are three action steps that can boost your confidence and develop bravery?  Identify the fear, doubt, and hesitation that may be holding you back, and write those down too!  Then assess possible outcomes, both pros, and cons for pushing through or walking away.  Choosing to be proactive and understanding the risk, fear, and doubt keeps you safe and in a position of clarity, able to make informed decisions and ultimately reach the goal.

That is bravery.

Get started and work hard on bravery this week. I believe in you.

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I am Michele Forto for the Peak Experience Podcast and First Paw Media. See you next time.

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